The Matilda Effect

Have you heard of The Matilda Effect? 📣

I got to know about the term recently while surfing internet, apparently its a term used to denote invisibility of women in science and beyond, phenomenon named after Matilda Joslyn Gage, it exposes the systematic undervaluation and under-recognition of women’s contributions to scientific progress. 💡

Despite their significant accomplishments, female scientists often find their work overshadowed or credited to male counterparts. This gender bias permeates various fields, from physics to medicine, perpetuating a skewed narrative of intellectual prowess.

In India, the Matilda Effect has been a prevalent for women scientists as well. Despite their remarkable achievements, they hardly get any recognition for their contributions, one such example is Dr. Tessy Thomas, known as the “Missile Woman of India.” She played a crucial role in the development of India’s ballistic missile defense program, yet her achievements have often been overshadowed.

Another notable figure is Dr. Indira Hinduja, a gynecologist and infertility specialist who pioneered the technique of in-vitro fertilization in India. Despite her groundbreaking work, her contribution went unnoticed.

Dr. Kamala Sohonie, the first Indian woman to receive a PhD in science, made significant contributions to biochemistry, particularly in the field of enzyme research. However, nor many of us know about her.

Despite making substantial contributions, women often find their ideas dismissed or appropriated by male colleagues. This pattern of marginalization stifles innovation and perpetuates a cycle of undervaluation.

Addressing the Matilda Effect in the workplace requires systemic changes, including fostering inclusive cultures, implementing transparent evaluation criteria, and promoting diversity in leadership. Organizations must actively challenge stereotypes and biases, provide equal access to opportunities, and ensure that women’s contributions are acknowledged and valued.

Ultimately, recognizing and addressing the Matilda Effect in the workplace is not just a matter of fairness—it’s essential for unlocking the full potential of organizations and building more equitable and inclusive workplaces for all.

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